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Some random superhero novel pimpage for you, two new books in two of my favorite series are out, neither of which I’ve had a chance to read yet unfortunately.

I really need to finish The Dark Lord’s Handbook: Conquest and get in to my growing queue.

An argument breaks out, which leaves George feeling deeply shaken.

When George and Kim arrive at their cabin, they discover that it's next door to Otis' property, and they soon find that a dark and intimidating presence seems to have taken over the cottage.

well, it’s not hazing, just a little messing with the rook.

As Sydney joined the team roughly 24 hours ago, she is indeed the junior most member.

Thought I’d do something a little different with Vance’s introduction.

I'll be up-front about it, this comic is about the subjects of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and the rights of the father and the mother regarding those topics. I definitely look forward to whatever comes next for you, Borba! For those of you who are just now discovering ZNN thanks to the discussion surrounding this comic, be it from twitter, tumblr, or The AV Club, welcome! Sam has broken up with his girlfriend and his father has recently died.World-weary and sloppy drunk, he finds temporary solace in the arms of Anna, a mysterious ...We're here to show off all of the incredible things that the Zootopia fandom has made, even if they are, on rare occasion, controversial (like this comic).We have hundreds of high-quality fanfics, comics, videos, and even a few exclusive things from Disney- thousands of articles in total!

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