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I've had clients who have mild to severe cerebral palsy, dwarfism, and various other physical disabilities,” she explains.While most of Kate’s disabled clients contact her independently via her online profile, she has also heard from parents and siblings who wanted to arrange a booking for their loved ones. Met de Soa Seks Check kun je snel en simpel checken of je risico gelopen hebt op soa.Ook kun je door het stellen van vragen extra informatie krijgen over (veilig) vrijen, anticonceptie of soa. Je kunt de check zo vaak doen als je wilt, je gegevens of je resultaten worden niet opgeslagen. Deze versie van de Soa Seks Check is speciaal gemaakt voor jongeren (leeftijd 16 t/m 24 jaar) in de regio Rotterdam.

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Laura Lee is an Irish sex worker based in Scotland, and is a member of the TLC Trust, an online network that helps to connect disabled men and women with responsible sex workers in the UK.

’” Over the years, Laura found there was quite a steep learning curve when working with some of her clients with disabilities.

“I have learned a lot along the way, about myself and about disabled people.

I’ve learned practical things, like how to roll them or move them across the bed or use a hoist, to bathe them and how to change a catheter, but it’s also about getting to know them individually and their needs.

They can often come with some issues.” The job can prove emotionally challenging at times, as Laura’s clients can become frustrated.

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