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Seacroft has a history dating back beyond the publication of the Domesday Book (1086).However, there is evidence of inhabitation prior to that, during construction of the estate in the 1950s, a stone axe dating from the Neolithic age (3500)-(2100)BC was found on Kentmere Avenue, while two silver Roman coins were found on Seacroft Green in the 1850s.The Venerable Bede records the battle of Winwaed between King Oswy's forces and the, unsuccessful, invading Mercians under King Penda.Bede gives this as taking place near Seacroft on 15 November 655.The name (originally Saecroft) is of Saxon origin - sae meaning pool or lake and croft meaning enclosure or farm.

Two main roads were built through the estate, these being North Parkway and South Parkway.In the 1960s and 1970s the building of Whinmoor and Swarcliffe enclosed Seacroft within other suburbs.Seacroft now has a reputation for crime and deprivation.As such amenities were at a minimum in Swarcliffe and Whinmoor, with the estates only having parades of small local shops, public housing and primary schools.Seacroft also has the main central bus interchange for North East Leeds, although the nearest railway station is in Cross Gates.

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