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Not sure if Ok Cupid is still courting the youngsters, but if they are marriage stories (as awesome as they are) may serve to scare away a profitable demographic, advertising-wise.

I think the fundamental problem is that the reason people are on most of these dating sites is because they can't find a date elsewhere.

And if you're growing faster than you're connecting people, it's a moot point anyhow. It seems to me that a successful long term match should be your best advertising.

But I haven't seen any web sites capture that or use it at all effectively. I'm not saying this lightly: I got married about 6 weeks ago to an amazing woman that I met (thanks Aston! I'd be more than happy to do testimonials and such, but no one's ever contacted me. Ok Cupid loves testimonials and was for a period of time collecting and categorizing them for some vague future use as publicity. As far as using that stuff for algorithmic purposes goes, I think they mostly are interpreted as proof that what exists is actually working (and thus doesn't need tweaking? Also, depending on your demographic, certain types of testimonials are less appealing.

My observation is that online dating not only works but has by now become totally mainstream.

I keep hearing about couples which met on the Internet, in fact I would say that this is true about 100% of the weddings I'm attending this year.

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Go get a life."Maybe a site can help people get a life, but it wouldn't be a dating site.1) In the real world, you compete for the woman's attention only with people she sees throughout her day. On the net, same woman, you are competing with every single guy within 50 miles.Out of which almost every single one will initiate a conversation.2) In the real world, you see the woman as she is.What's your biggest peeve about the state of dating services on the web today and how could they become better?Is there certain functionality that you think all dating sites must offer? location down to postal code or even year/month/day of birth.

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