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(see MARRIAGE) In England the First Council of Westminster provided (xxii, 2) that the law of publishing in the church the banns of marriage must be observed, but made no provision for the manner or time of introducing the practice ( Taunton ).

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The Second Pleanry Council (1866) confirmed that above (nos.

Among the more important authentic decisions are the following: The proper (own) parish priest of persons intending marriage is he in whose parish both (or one of) the contracting parties have a true domicile or quasi-domicile, i.e.

a fixed residence or one that can be legally constructed as such.

Tertullian, in his "De Coronâ", appears to hint at a twofold renunciation as common in his time, one which was made at the moment of baptism and another made sometime before, and publicly in the church, in the presence of the bishop.

The form of this renunciation a found in the Apostolic Constitutions (VIII, 4) has a quaint interest.

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