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For those of you wanting to create your own Humongous Mecha work, we've got you covered.

I've been reading Fan Fictions for years now and even written a few incomplete ones on paper.

I honestly never expected it to be as well received as it was.

Now here I am, it's been one year and I’ve already written at least a couple of books worth of stuff and it is, in my humble opinion, pretty well written.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Fifteen: The Feast of the Kings Part Two - As of 21/05/13 it is COMPLETE.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Interlude One: To Wait and To Hope - As of 12/06/13 it is COMPLETE.

Yes, I’m well aware that that's probably just wishful thinking, but please allow me my dreams, no matter how wild they may be.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Ten: The Four Kings Part 2 - As of 28/01/13 it is COMPLETE.

And when they're really huge, they're even cooler than that! Mecha themselves usually divided between the "Super Robot Genre" and the "Real Robot Genre", the distinction typically being where they belong on the Mohs Scale of Sci-Fi Hardness, though there are as many different kinds of finding an army of Humongous Mecha in a Greek island is, actually, based on that legend), but special mention goes to Hindu Mythology.

One of the three barriers the gods set to protect their elixir, the Amrita, was a robot with . and so is the US and these two are going to fight See Mecha for the more generic, not-necessarily-humongous supertrope.

Lets hope i can keep it up.27/09/13 - As of today it's been one year since I first put up the initial chapter of God Slaying Blade Works.

Honestly when I did it was just as a whim, I’d noticed that there weren't any Fate/Stay Night/Campione crossovers.

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