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It is an offshoot to Brazil”s leading business publication Exame however, features articles relating to fashion, beauty, cars, vacations and beautiful women. One of the black women was actress Taís Araújo who a few years ago was Brazil’s “it” black girl, appearing on a number of magazine covers, TV shows, etc.profiles the hottest women in provocative pictorials, “sexy articles” and confessional stories. As this blog has shown repeatedly, Brazil’s print media is as segregated as South Africa at the height of apartheid.Right there is red, black and white, the stats are as follows: 81 morenas (brunettes), 65 loiras (blondes), 2 afrodescendentes (women of African descent) and 1 Oriental (Asian woman). Previously, the magazine had featured long-time black British model Naomi Campbell on a cover.

magazine “focuses on the needs and desires of young, modern Brazilian males.

standard of beauty may be opening its doors to diversity as it started the year off with the Emanuella de Paula solo cover in an edition called “Black is Beautiful” (in English).

This speculation didn’t pan out as promotion of its “Black is Beautiful” edition was necessary exactly because of the fact that black models had been so absent for 35 years and, judging from the cover girls after the Emanuella de Paula cover, they will continue to be.

But I trust my agency, they have agreed on the direction of my career.

To spare me from the longing of my family, that still hurts a lot. Not yet (tears fill her eyes that have already been made up).

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