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They find a (lock on the river and then approach as near as they can in a sampan. It ha.s be.-n that puttlii K U|i an ordinary 1 'ape-cart lioo. Xo unpublished iin^'cl was found auiung; the uapcra of George l Uereilitli, (if the nnnierous objects of literary and archa.-olo Bh.-a I int. -11 dlseo\-ored in the course of the exi-avatlons in I.; K.\-pt duriii B tln- )iast -a .\-ear.'i, a ennsiih'i'ahle nuinli.'r hav found lln-ir wa.v Into tin- natl.iii- al l om-f formed a portion of a library which was attached eitlier to a or a mnnastery near t^dfu In I'pp.-r t'l Rvpt. tin- histni-\- of which ilal.-s fi--,im tin- 111-.-- 1 )y nasi ic p. tlu-r.- .•xh-t.-.l, between th.- seventh and Ihe li-nlh c.-ntui'les of our era, a flmirish- hp; p.nf I'npts or iiath-e l';f,-,\-|ithin l.'hristians. and many Christians were compelled to adopt the religion of Is- lam or lose their lives, the pious priests of one of the churches of Edfu must have quietly removed their lib- rary Into the hilly country of the desert, and there burled It in a small, stonelimul ca\'.-. I'leased wltii the attention nf Ih.' lis- tener, th.' candidate paiiseil in his speccli ami remark.

Vankin.q- wall and the many good times | have-had there ! -, Init .iii'\- I iinfiistinis l«-.i huttons nn th.' sidi- nf Ih.' .-ati-h, and the i-urtilln llinn i hiiiircs u-itli th.. The j c-ar thus d.-serila-il i.s priii't lea lly a i la 11 h-i .

No true sportsman, -lib"*; matter who he is, will hunt with, a silencer or carry one into tho woods.—- The Outing Magazine. I The Only Proof, j .-\t a r.'Staiirant wln-re the c-l.iak- j rniiin attendiiiit Is i-elehral.-d fnr hi: I iii.-niorv as to the nwnership nf hat; I and Ih.' Ilk.- lb.- fnlhiwin;,' iiicid.:m .1-.-- j .-iirreil: 'How- dn \'ou liiniw that thi; i i.s mine-."' asked a w.-ll-l Liinwn actor 1 as hi.s hat was returned to hliu j "I don't know that it la youns sir,' I replied the man. (Renewed cheers.) The Protestant succession ■was secured, not by this declaration but by the express provisions of the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement.

i — : — o USS OF PONGEE Ponge is popular for all sorts of costumes, from the simplest princess walking dress to the visiting frock made elaborate by a wealth of cm- broidery. The Declaration dated from j)erhaps the worst period in our history— from the reign of Charles 11.

For this reason the camera is more and more becoming the weapon of the animal and wilderness lover. To k Ivp the drl\.'i- true iirotoction it would be necessary to have full side curtains j witli lielits to tlie front part of the ! but as It Is undesirable to drive jssith such curtaln. 'rile Scottish I'^ootbii U Association bins liad a loss of .$'1,170 on the year'.s worlting. Ml the hoiis.'s In the iioor cpiarters of the capital of lloiiduras .-in- made of maliugany, which cilile, on any grtuind, either I'f logic (ir of policy, in justify (he exclusion i)f Cathiilics from lliese tw'i ollices. Vationalist clieer.s.) They had thrown o|)en every other office under the Crown, civil or military, to the persons of that religion.

To use a silencer and rob a confused animal once lired tipon of Ihe possibility of retrei U is to take a mean and low advant;ige uuworth\- a real man. It is even a (|uestion wbelber it is fair play to use re])eating arms, esi:)ecially with high jiowei- ammunition. i\laxiin's invention, not th( least of which is the power of destruction which it offers pqach- h Mn,ters who disregj^law and. The user of this appliance in the woods should he classed as a "game, hog," and looked upon with the same contempt. no higher those, of the man who resorts to j,ac,krlanterns in deer hunting, or the ^, One who' dynamites fish. H bcciiuso they limit I the shli- \-|ew il is iirobahly best to j li.-ive tn ha V'.- a front wind Hcr.-en which slo|..c H back over the Kteeritit; whe.^l t.i witlilii about ten inclies of I the ilrlver's face, and to let him trust to a waterproof for tin- rest. "Bocttuse you Kiive It to me," replied the man, nut nio\ hiff a niusole of his face. The I 'rime Minister might be a Roman Catholic, but liie Lord Chancellor himself might be a man of any religion or no religion, provided he was nui a Rnman Catholic, (baughter.) Security of Protestant Succession The other pninl — what he lieiiexerl niost , (if the hon. ,'aii,i; \ ;i v o]i- l)osi)e and most Roman Cathidic subjects re- garded as far the most important — the ,griev- ancc which pressed on their minds and con- .scienccs most — was the form of the Parlia- mentary declaration which the Sovereign wa.s recpured to take when he acceded to the Throne, lie thii; cheers,) It was one of the flimsiest and most unnecessary safeguards for the Pi-otestant suc- cession which coukl possibly be imagined.

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