Dating website for pets

Adopt a Pet When looking for a pet of any kind to welcome into your home, adoption is one of the best ways to go.

Many people think of pet adoption as finding an old, miserable animal and trying to give it a good end to their life.

“The dogs ran around and instantly we knew.”Almost 4 million dogs are taken in by shelters each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Holmes said many pets will be "re-homed," or surrendered to a shelter in their lifetimes.

Oh Mi Dog is a social media and informational site dedicated to all the things that make dogs wonderful.

Holmes said within the rescue and local shelters she saw many potential pet owners looking for a particular breed of dog, regardless of whether that animal was “ideal” for their lifestyle.“There is a personality that a dog has and that all animals have that is very individual and goes beyond breed characteristics,” she said.

The personality quiz takes 3-5 minutes and focuses on traits that “influence the human-canine bond,” and accounts for potential caregivers’ lifestyles, according to Holmes.

They have all the best qualities in them, without most of the bad ones.

For some reason, movie producers love to sic a demon after a helpless puppy, or queue the heart wrenching sadness when a person’s childhood dog has to be put to sleep. allows you to type in any movie title and find out what happens to the dog, from being hurt but alright, to full-on dying.

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