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I was charged 0 one way and when I wrote to customer service, ponting out that I was overcharged according to UA's own rules, they refused to refund me.I will never travel overseas with my bicycle using UA again.An issue in which Destiny: The Collection codes were incorrectly showing as expired should now be resolved.Players with an impacted code will need to try redeeming the code again. Players currently online will be returned to the title screen by 8 AM PST. As teams continue to investigate an issue impacting the cooldown for the Voidwalker Super ability within the Mayhem playlist, we have determined that the issue will not be addressed before the Dawning ends in 2018.We are working to change the Nightfall for the remainder of the week to a different Strike. Players should ensure they have adequate space in order to carry these items, or else they will be sent to the Postmaster. Players still in the Tower, Farm, or open world activities will need to return to Orbit and relaunch to see The Dawning versions of these spaces. Updated playlist activities will be available immediately.Transportation Alternatives, the bike/ped advocacy organization in NYC, maintains a list of the NY metro area's transit companies' bicycle carriage policy.Players who are receiving an in-game message titled “Destiny Update Incoming” may disregard that message. For official maintenance windows, when they are announced, please see: bungie.net/en/Help/Articl… We are aware of player reports that this week's Nightfall for "A Garden World" is not granting Clan Engrams for qualifying Fireteams. Duplicate Dawning shaders will sort into separate stacks depending on where they were received from.

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We had to rearrange the luggage to get the bike in the van, and it was a tight fit.

They have this to say about Greyhound: "800-231-2222 National service.

Must provide your own box, travels in the luggage bay. each way fee, regardless of connections."I took Greyhound with a bike from Denver, CO to LA, CA over the summer.

If the other people had more luggage, we might not have been able to fit, but I sure didn't need the van to myself.

Bottom line, call around first for the best price and if possible, be the first stop so that you can be sure to get your bike in.

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